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Images Dated 9th March 2004

Choose from 49 pictures in our Images Dated 9th March 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Titan landscape Featured 9 Mar 2004 Image

Titan landscape

Titan landscape. Artwork of the surface of Titan, the largest moon of the ringed planet Saturn (left). Titan is known to have traces of complex hydrocarbon compounds in its nitrogen atmosphere. These form as sunlight acts on the methane in Titan's upper atmosphere. Clouds of methane and ethane vapour could produce rain to form rivers and oceans of hydrocarbons on the surface. Titan orbits over 1.2 million kilometres from Saturn, a ringed gas giant planet that is the sixth planet from the Sun. The gravity on Titan is about a seventh of Earth's. Surface temperatures are as cold as -183 degrees Celsius


Quantum entanglement apparatus Featured 9 Mar 2004 Image

Quantum entanglement apparatus

Quantum entanglement experiment. Face of a quantum physicist refracted in the lens of a receiver in a quantum entanglement experiment. Entanglement is a property of a pair of particles in which a change to one has an instantaneous effect on the other, no matter how far apart they are. Researchers at Vienna University, Austria, split an entangled photon pair, and sent each photon to a different receiver. There was no line of sight between the receivers, which were 600 metres apart, outside, on either side of the River Danube. Entanglement was confirmed by the detectors. It is hoped that this entanglement will find uses in cryptography, quantum computing and satellite communications


Red Lechwe - Aerial view of Red Lechwe on Okavango Island Featured 9 Mar 2004 Image

Red Lechwe - Aerial view of Red Lechwe on Okavango Island

Red Lechwe - Aerial view of Red Lechwe on Okavango Island
Okavango Delta Botswana Africa
Kobus leche
Hayden Oake
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