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Images Dated 28th June 2004

Choose from 142 pictures in our Images Dated 28th June 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Varicose veins, X-ray Featured 28 Jun 2004 Image

Varicose veins, X-ray

Varicose veins. Coloured X-ray of varicose veins in the calf of a fifty-five-year-old male. The veins (red), which carry blood back to the heart, are swollen, irregular and distorted. Varicose veins are most common in the legs, but may also be found in the oesophagus or testis. They occur when valves, which usually prevent the backflow of blood and support the pressure from the blood above, become leaky. The veins then stretch and bulge. Support stockings are usually used to treat the condition, although in some cases surgery is needed to remove the veins. Pregnancy, being overweight, and standing for long periods, all increase the risk of varicose veins


Aquamarine gems Featured 28 Jun 2004 Image

Aquamarine gems

Aquamarine gems. Aquamarine is a transparent blue or blue-green variety of beryl (beryllium aluminium silicate). The colour is due to trace amounts of iron within the crystal structure. Beryl occurs in many colours; green beryl is termed emerald. The rare, transparent beryl varieties are used as gemstones, while the more common types form the principal ore of the metal beryllium, which is widely used in industrial alloys. The main producer of aquamarines is Brazil. They are also found in Pakistan and the USA


Illigers Macaw Featured 28 Jun 2004 Image

Illigers Macaw

Illigers Macaw
Ara maracana
Dennis Avon
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