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Images Dated 19th July 2004

Choose from 95 pictures in our Images Dated 19th July 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Ring-necked / Rose-ringed Parakeet Featured 19 Jul 2004 Image

Ring-necked / Rose-ringed Parakeet

Ring-necked / Rose-ringed Parakeet
In flight, wings down, side view
Psittacula krameri
Brian Bevan
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Sockeye salmon spawning Featured 19 Jul 2004 Image

Sockeye salmon spawning

Salmon spawning. Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in their spawning phase in a river. Dead salmon are seen in the foreground. For the first two to three years of their lives these salmon live in the rivers in which they were born. Then they migrate towards the Pacific Ocean where they stay in the sea for about three years. They then start a spawning migration, thousands of kilometres long, which brings them back to the same river in which they began their lives. Sockeye salmon are able to recognise the scent of their home waters. Most of them die exhausted shortly after spawning. Photographed on the Adams River, British Columbia, Canada


Hapsburg jaw Featured 19 Jul 2004 Image

Hapsburg jaw

Hapsburg jaw. Historical artwork (after Velasquez) of King Philip IV of Spain (1605-1665). Like several of his predecessors and descendants, Philip IV had a protruding lower jaw. The condition, called mandibular prognathism syndrome or Hapsburg jaw, was the result of inbreeding among the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The trait was first noticed in Maximilian I (1459-1519). Philip IV's son, Charles II, had such a serious case of Hapsburg jaw that he was unable to chew. He was also mentally retarded and impotent