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Images Dated 2nd October 2003

Choose from 27 pictures in our Images Dated 2nd October 2003 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Sombrero galaxy (M104), HST image Featured 2 Oct 2003 Image

Sombrero galaxy (M104), HST image

Sombrero galaxy (M104, NGC 4594), Hubble Space Telescope image. This spiral galaxy is seen almost edge-on to Earth. Its disc is seen as a dark band of dust crossing the brighter central bulge. Most of a galaxy's mass is thought to be in the form of dark matter, some of which can be detected when it obscures the light from stars behind it. The Sombrero galaxy lies around 28 million light years from Earth in the constellation Virgo. It is around 50, 000 light years across, less than half the width of our Milky Way galaxy. The image is a mosaic of six true-colour images taken by the HST's Advanced Camera for Surveys in spring 2003


Artwork of Phobos spacecraft in orbit around Mars Featured 2 Oct 2003 Image

Artwork of Phobos spacecraft in orbit around Mars

Artist's impression of the Soviet Phobos spacecraft in orbit around Mars in early 1988, prior to its final approach to Phobos (upper right), the larger of the two small Martian moons. The spacecraft was launched in July 1988. It is scheduled to spend 120 days orbiting Mars, making observations of the planet's atmosphere & magnetosphere & taking high-resolution images of the surface. It will then approach Phobos, descending to within 50 metres of the moon's surface before releasing two lander probes. The view of Mars in this picture shows the three Tharsis volcanos, with the giant Olympus Mons volcano beyond them