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Images Dated 27th November 2002

Choose from 26 pictures in our Images Dated 27th November 2002 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Illustration of the exhalation phase of coughing Featured 27 Nov 2002 Image

Illustration of the exhalation phase of coughing

Cough. Illustration showing exhalation during coughing. Irritation of the respiratory passages initiates the cough reflex. Nerve impulses pass from the irritated area through the vagus nerves (yellow) to the medulla (brainstem). Here the respiratory centres (coloured red, green & mauve) send nerve signals to the respiratory muscles causing about 2.5 litres of air to be inhaled. The epiglottis & vocal cords close trapping the air in the lungs. The abdominal & internal intercostal muscles then contract forcefully, & the epiglottis & vocal cords suddenly open so that the air is forced out of the lungs under pressure (blue arrows), often carrying foreign matter with it


Sponge spicule, SEM Featured 27 Nov 2002 Image

Sponge spicule, SEM

Sponge spicule. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a spicule from a sponge (order Porifera). A sponge is a primitive aquatic organism that filters food from the water. It is a loose aggregation of cells supported by its spicules, needles of a calcium or silicon-rich mineral. The cells in a sponge are not differentiated, unlike those of higher animals. Magnification: x250 at 6x7cm size