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November Gallery

Choose from 30 pictures in our November collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Ivan Pavlov, Russian physiologist Featured November Print

Ivan Pavlov, Russian physiologist

Ivan Pavlov, Russian physiologist, born Ryazan on September 14, 1849, died Leningrad on February 27, 1936, photographed (centre) with dog during a demonstration. Pavlov quit training for the priesthood to study natural science in St Petersburg. His experiments in 1889 on the mechanism of digestion in dogs established the role of the autonomic nervous system & won him a Nobel prize in 1904. He is best remembered for subsequent work on conditioned reflexes - conditioning a dog to salivate in anticipation of food by ringing a bell each meal time. Eventually, the bell alone provoked salivation. These experiments founded behaviourist psychology


Portrait of Pavel Cerenkov Featured November Print

Portrait of Pavel Cerenkov

Pavel Cerenkov, Russian physicist, born Voronezh Guberniya on August 10, 1904, photographed (on right) at the controls of a synchrotron at the Institute of Physics of the Soviet Academy of Science, in 1959. His important discovery in 1934 involved the velocity of high-energy subatomic particles, which is never greater than the velocity of light in a vacuum. Light travelling through water, however, moves more slowly: a high- energy particle moving through water may exceed the velocity of light in that medium. When it does it creates a "wake" of light - termed Cerenkov radiation. For this work, Cerenkov, Frank & Tamm shared the 1958 Nobel Prize in physics


Artwork of section through human ear Featured November Print

Artwork of section through human ear

Artwork of a section through the human ear, showing the outer ear (auricle or pinna) at left, the earhole passage (more correctly called the external auditory meatus), and the eardrum and small bones of the middle ear at right. The three small bones, the malleus, incus and stapes transmit sound waves produced by the vibration of the eardrum towards the inner ear. The earhole passage is lined with fine hairs and sebaceous glands which secrete cerumen - earwax - to protect its delicate lining