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The Vatican gardens

The Vatican gardens

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The Vatican gardens

The Vatican gardens State of the Vatican City Monumental Fountain Late Renaissance, Renaissance, Renaissance-Baroque styles and periods, Europe, First and Second Millennium A.D.. Date of Photograph:1975. Date of Artwork:1550 - 1621. Artist:Vasanzio, Giovanni (Giovanni Fiammingo)

Quilici, Folco

Media ID 33220479

© Folco Quilici Alinari Archives

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This print showcases the breathtaking beauty of The Vatican gardens, a true masterpiece in the heart of the State of the Vatican City. With its monumental fountain and architectural marvels reflecting Late Renaissance, Renaissance, and Renaissance-Baroque styles, this artwork transports us to a bygone era. The photograph was taken in 1975, capturing every intricate detail of this timeless creation that dates back to 1550-1621. Created by the talented artist Vasanzio, also known as Giovanni Fiammingo, this piece is a testament to his skill and vision. As we delve into this image, we are treated to an awe-inspiring view that encompasses not only the gardens but also offers glimpses of the surrounding cityscape. The aerial perspective allows us to appreciate how harmoniously these landscapes blend with their urban surroundings. The birds-eye view reveals meticulously designed pathways adorned with lush greenery and vibrant flowers. Each element seems perfectly placed within this enchanting oasis. It is evident that great care has been taken to create an atmosphere of tranquility amidst bustling Europe during both the first and second millenniums. Quilici's expert lens captures every nuance - from grand structures reaching towards the sky to hidden corners where one can find solace in nature's embrace. This print serves as a portal through time; it invites us on a journey filled with wonderment and appreciation for human ingenuity. Alinari presents us with yet another remarkable work that transcends commercial use; it is an invitation for all who lay eyes upon it to immerse themselves in artistry at its finest.

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