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Florence: Villa Medici di Artimino

Florence: Villa Medici di Artimino

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Florence: Villa Medici di Artimino

Florence: Villa Medici di Artimino Carmignano Villa Late Renaissance, Renaissance, Renaissance-Baroque styles and periods, Europe, First and Second Millennium A.D.. Date of Photograph:1971. Date of Artwork:1594 - 1598. Artist:Buontalenti Bernardo (1536-1608)

Quilici, Folco

Media ID 33208724

© Folco Quilici Alinari Archives

Landscape Farmland Countryside Villa


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This print showcases the exquisite beauty of Florence's Villa Medici "di Artimino" a Carmignano villa that epitomizes the Late Renaissance, Renaissance, and Renaissance-Baroque styles. With its architectural grandeur and historical significance, this villa transports us back to Europe's First and Second Millennium A. D. The photograph was taken in 1971, capturing the timeless allure of an artwork created between 1594 and 1598 by the talented artist Buontalenti Bernardo (1536-1608). The intricate details of this structure are brought to life through Quilici Folco's lens, allowing viewers to appreciate every aspect of this magnificent piece of architecture. Nestled amidst a breathtaking landscape farmland countryside, the Villa Medici "di Artimino" offers a mesmerizing view from both aerial and bird's eye perspectives. Its commanding presence is enhanced by its late Renaissance design elements that seamlessly blend with influences from earlier periods as well as the emerging Baroque style. As we gaze upon this image, we are transported into a world where artistry meets functionality. This villa served not only as an opulent residence but also as a testament to human ingenuity in creating harmonious structures within nature. It stands proudly against time while preserving its rich heritage for generations to come. Let us immerse ourselves in the splendor of Florence's Villa Medici "di Artimino" appreciating its architectural brilliance and cultural significance. Through Alinari's remarkable photo print, we can marvel at how history intertwines with artistry to create enduring masterpieces like this one – reminders of our past that continue to inspire awe in present times.

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