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Acrylic Blox : Mrs Julia Huggins with King Charles Spaniel, Theron, who is the living breed record

Mrs Julia Huggins with King Charles Spaniel, Theron, who is the living breed record


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Mrs Julia Huggins with King Charles Spaniel, Theron, who is the living breed record

Mrs Julia Huggins with King Charles Spaniel, Theron, who is the living breed record holder with 30cc score. 7th March 1994

Birmingham Post and Mail Archive
United Kingdom
BPM 94 64560

Media ID 21760558

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1994 Animal Breed King Charles Spaniel Pets

6"x4" (15x10cm) Acrylic Blox

Your photographic print is held in place by magnets and a micro thin sheet of metal covering the back of a 20mm piece of clear acrylic. Your print is held in place with magnets so can easily be replaced if needed.

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Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) orientation to match the source image.


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Captured in the nostalgic charm of the 1990s, this heartwarming print showcases Mrs. Julia Huggins and her beloved King Charles Spaniel, Theron. Standing side by side, their bond radiates through the lens, portraying a timeless connection between human and animal. Theron holds an esteemed title as the living breed record holder with an impressive 30cc score - a testament to his exceptional qualities and remarkable lineage. This regal canine embodies all that is cherished about King Charles Spaniels: elegance, loyalty, and gentle nature. The image transports us back to March 7th, 1994 - a day frozen in time when Mrs. Huggins proudly posed alongside her furry companion. Their shared joy is palpable; it's evident that Theron brings immeasurable happiness into their lives. As we delve into this snapshot from Memory Lane Prints' collection, we are reminded of the profound impact pets have on our existence. Dogs like Theron become more than just companions; they become family members who provide unwavering love and support throughout our journey. Let this photograph serve as a reminder of the enduring bond between humans and animals – one that transcends time itself. It encapsulates not only a specific moment but also captures the essence of what it means to share your life with such a treasured pet.

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