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Fossil Bird Archaeopteryx Cast - Original specimen in Berlin - Germany Featured Extinct Image

Fossil Bird Archaeopteryx Cast - Original specimen in Berlin - Germany

Fossil Bird Archaeopteryx Cast - Original specimen in Berlin - Germany
Known as "the first bird" with both dinosaurian and avian features which some say represents a "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds - Had teeth - a bony tail and claws but like birds had flight feathers and hollow bones - First discovered in 1861 in the Solnhofen beds in Germany
John Cancalosi
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Ornithosuchus Featured Extinct Image


An illustration by Neave Parker of the Ornithosuchus, a thecodont, an extinct bipedal reptile closedly related to the dinosaur. It lived around 185 million years ago. Fossils have been found in Northern Scotland

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Awful Changes Featured Extinct Image

Awful Changes

A cartoon, published in 1830, 28 years before Darwin's Origin Of Species, lampooning theories of evolution. Entitled Awful Changes, it depicts an Ichthyosaurus giving a lecture on a human skull, descibing how its characteristics indicate that man was of the lower order of animals'. He continues: The teeth are very insignificant, the power of the jaws trifling, and altogether it seems wonderful how the creature could have procured food'. Drawn and engraved by H.T. de la Beche (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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