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March of the coots. The winter at the start of 2010 was one of the first

March of the coots. The winter at the start of 2010 was one of the first

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March of the coots. The winter at the start of 2010 was one of the first

The winter at the start of 2010 was one of the first strong ones in years again in The Netherlands. The lake in the local park in Eindhoven where I live was almost completely frozen. It just had snowed. Perfect conditions to photograph these black Coots in contrast with the white snow. I'd observed the Coots for a couple of days already. I'd shot a whole series of photos. All of a sudden I saw the scene I was looking for. They formed a group and started to walk back to the hole in the ice to go back in the water. While they where walking the scene reminded me of the documentary film "March of the Penguins".
Equipment: Nikon D700; Nikkor 70-200 AF-S VR 2.8 type II, ISO800, F8.0; 1/60sec.; handheld.
. Andrew George

Media ID 22104302

© 2011, Andrew George, all rights reserved

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In this print titled "March of the Coots" by Andrew George, a mesmerizing winter scene unfolds before our eyes. The Eurasian coots gracefully navigate through a frozen landscape, their vibrant feathers contrasting beautifully against the pristine white snow and glistening ice. As we observe this enchanting group of coots marching in unison, it is impossible not to be captivated by their determination and resilience. Despite the harsh conditions that winter brings, these remarkable creatures continue to thrive and adapt with grace. The composition of the photograph is truly stunning; every detail meticulously captured by Andrew George's skilled lens. The intricate patterns on each individual bird's plumage are brought to life, showcasing nature's incredible artistry. This image transports us into a serene world where time seems to stand still. It evokes a sense of tranquility and wonder as we witness these coots navigating their way through icy waters with unwavering unity. Andrew George's talent shines through in his ability to capture both the beauty and strength found within nature. Through his lens, he invites us to appreciate the delicate balance between wildlife and its environment. "March of the Coots" serves as a reminder that even amidst challenging circumstances, there is always beauty waiting to be discovered if we take a moment to pause and appreciate it.

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